Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't read if you are hungry!

Salam & Hello,

So last week was my last FreezeFest. No more FreezeFest for me but I did enjoyed it to the fullest. Got a lot of free stuffs which really makes my day. Who on earth will refuse FREE things right? I was patiently waited in a long line just to have the FREE snow globe, ice-crystal, photos and etc.
pavlova mashi

Oh yeah, I did entered a Dessert bake-off competition. I tried to make Pavlova for the third time before entering the competition. Was quite confident with myself but I guess other's deserved better to win. Whatever it is, I'm satisfied at least I tried! it was my first dessert competition after all. Thank you so much to my support system. Each and everyone of you who came that night were very appreciated.

I guess my frustration was healed with the fact that Mysa won the Global Unification for the third time. Congratz to all!! :D almost lost my voice that night caused I shouted like crazy. You sure can't control yourself when other people were shouting to the max to support their team! MYSA!! MYSA!!  :0

Oh, I was bored.. regardless of those assignments and report, I choose to bake! hahahaa.. Yeah, so random. yet that is what I always do.. baking and cooking when I am so busy, stressed out and bored. Its my therapy plus shopping as well! hehe.. Tonight I baked moist chocolate cake for the first time from scratch. Just try my luck and it works..Alhamdulillah... :) Achievement unlocked!
my 1st moist choc cake! :)

See ya! till next post. Take care. Salam