Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Current Updates

Hello world... how's weather treating you these days? Yesterday, during the dusk I got thunderstorm here at my hometown, its raining like cat and dog. (i love watching cat and dog the series too!! lol). It has been a while after my second last entry, sorry...just got internet connection "atas belas ihsan" my fwen Ain Abdullah... thank you so much!!!! for giving me my life back. Almost two weeks without Facebook, youtube, ym, Skype and stuffs. Urghhhhh...going insane,my life went upside down. (@_@)

Just some updates of my current activities. I'm working on my driving license, now waiting for my "L" license. En.Jafri is my trainer a.k.a cikgu memandu, he used to be a soldier. A very punctual person, like the fact so much!! cause you know how much i hate waiting as well as being waited. So, when he said 8am, he means it, 8am exact or earlier he already reached my home to pick me up and drive me to academy.Also a very nice and sporting teacher, very talkative until, sometimes...i got nothing to respond but smiles. hahaha... pity u cikgu..my bad. Can't wait to drive myself anywhere,everywhere!!! yippie. No need to ask me "driver" to bring me to shop anymore.
Last week, I met up with my bestfriends...we are planning for bestie trip to Pulau Perhentian, dis coming july!! can't wait... I am now dealing with my friend who is now doing her LI at Shangri la hotel and also an agent to negotiate the best package for us. May this plan comes true! amin.... :) Its gonna be 3days2nytes package with my-sesuka-hati-aktiviti..hihihi... For sure im gonna rock da island! XD

testing naik pelamin..amik berkah.haha

meet my family!

lata keruak yg damai dan sejuukk..
at pantai penarik..dah itam~ =_="
at pantai bukit kluang :)
at pantai air tawar with bestie <3
P/S: anyone missing me already?? haha... i miss u too... muncit! *gunalah ginger spa from vida beauty, terbukti berkesan!* iklan tak berbayar. 


bri_boomer said...

miis u jie :D

sri diah said...

awww...thanks bars... kekeke..
miss u also :)