Saturday, December 31, 2011

eiman's love truffle

Truffle tiramisu Jiehannur Eiman’s

Packet of Tiramisu crackers/ lady finger
A Canned Peach or any fruits.(diced)
2 tbs of Custard powder.
1 canned of Evaporated milk.
Sugar powder.
Cooking Chocolate. (mildly sweetened)
Whipping cream.
Cream cheese.
 Dessert cups.

For the first bottom layer, place a "lady finger" (break it into three pieces to fit the cup). Then, add a teaspoon of diced peach and a teaspoon of the peach’s juice on top of the tiramisu. To prepare a custard mix, in a pot first mix a tin of evaporated milk and 4 teaspoons of sugar powder.Mix well until the sugar melts,(medium heat) before adding 2 teaspoons of custard powder. Mix well again until the mixture become hard enough to not mix with the second layer later.

For the second layer, i choose the chocolate ganache recipe. First, in a new pot, boil a bottle of whipping cream,make sure to always stir the whipping cream because it is easy to bubbles. Once boiled, remove from the stove and add 1kg of chocolate (cut into smaller pieces to make it easy to melt). After all the chocolate melted, add 2teaspoons of butter and stir well until all of them melts. Pour on the first layer and refrigerate to harden.

For the third layer, prepare the cream cheese layer. Mix 2 bars of cream cheese (soften at room temperature) with a bottle of whipping cream and a cup of sugar (adjust to your preference). Mix well until you get a smooth texture. Add this on the second layer, your style. ( i used piping cream to get some texture).

Then as decoration, you can put a slice of peach on top of the your dessert and sprinkle some chocolate rice. Enjoy your dessert!! It is even nicer if you let it refrigerate for few hours before eating.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dedicated to my Ex-roomie.

Hi my ex-roomie, u kno who u ar :)

Girl, you are my first roommate :) for the first time I shared a room with an "outsider". At home, I have my own private room since I was a little girl, I'm not used with the fact of "sharing".  I learned to adapt with the new environment, I'm shy..seriously...U know what i'm talking about right? hehehe...
But we become closer (i guess) even not like you and your classmates. So many things happened within one year. Thanks for everything sis.

You left.. cause you finish Intec one year earlier before me. Hey!! God met us here at RIT. (what a coincidence,i follow you till here :P ). However, things differ now, you have your own close friends, you are no longer my roommate or even housemate. Watching you from far, the way you laugh and smile still as sweet as the first time I saw you. I miss you every seconds. But yeah, each and everyone of us has their own life, so do I. I felt so hard to start a conversation with you, it felt like there's a barrier between us... I'm sorry. I tried, but it didn't last long, caused it felt so awkward tough. =_=" idk why~

Dear ex-roomie, i wish i had known you better. I know nothing about your family, caused you refused to share. Things getting colder between us once you left. I wonder if I did something wrong to you, if i did...I'm so..soo..sorry... I never meant to.

In a short time, you will be going home, and yes till now.. there's still barrier between us. But that doesn't meant i don't love you. I care as a friend, I pray for you, I watch you from far. All those memories we shared together will remain forever. I wish you all the best in your future and I pray someday we will have the chance to break that "icy-barrier".

hugs & tears.
selamat jalan..jumpa lg erin.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home aLONE :P

Hi everyone, Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera. :)

It's been a while after my last post. Well ya, I just lost my interest to write when I'm busy working. Let's start with some update after being missing in action for quite a while. So, for now I'm working like a total of 17hours per week, 8hours during the weekend and 9hours during weekdays. Soo tiring, but the good thing is, I have to wake up  early in the morning (before 5 during weekend, before 7 during weekdays) and I have no excuse of skipping my subuh prayer due to overslept or laziness.. which is a good thing!! :) Alhamdulillah.

This Winter quarter, I'm taking two Marketing subject which is so exciting!! (so true :P ). Internet Marketing class require me to bring laptop to each session, it was a 2hours-browsing and discussing class. lol. It was fun tough, since I learned a lot of new stuffs from the class (i now declare myself as internet expert) hahaahaha, u bet!

3weeks after class started! here comes 3 weeks of winter break!! (hoorayyy!!) jumping2 in excitement.

Errrkkk... 3weeks?? What to do? Where to go? arggggg!!!! *stressed* T_T

-First week : Woke up early and went to work. Finished work by mid day, went home slept like a baby! Then,woke up again the same day. OMG! Its 11pm. hahahha.. ikr, very unhealthy life cycle.The same thing went on and on and on for the whole week. Sad things are sad.

-Second week: RIT is closed! Which means no more extra hours working time. That's it! Time to pamper myself and have some lazy time at home with shmoo and nyet2! :D and the list going on and on again from cooking, watching tv, watching movie, eating, sleeping, gossiping, studying, doing chores (my favourite :P ), then I get BORED. T_T

Third week?? Undecided yet. But, as far as I can predict, I'm not going anywhere. Just gonna stay home, watching white snow flakes falling from the sky through my window, writing blog, try to survive from flu..sobs..

To those who are having a fun time traveling all around the globe! Have fun and take care!! *xjeles2 :P* haha..It's okay then, I will make fun of my free time baking and trying some new recipe.(trying to pujuk hati). So far achievement unlocked! Oreo cupcakes done! Fruit tart done! Murtabak done! hehe... 

Oryte people till then, luv ya!