Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Steps...To be a "Baker"

Two years ago, I didn't know how to bake at all. All I knew was, how to cook rice and only simple dishes. I remember when I was twelve, I was so excited to bake some cookies for Aidilfitri, I asked my mum to buy me all the ingredients (actually i forced her cause if not, I'm sure gonna sulk the whole day). LOL.

Then, she helped me with the dough thingy, when its about time to bake the cookies (Semperit).. bear in mind that actually it was the first time my mum  used her oven (she never baked before, but she is good at cooking ok! ). When she pushed the button to preheat the oven , suddenly.....

 SILENCE  ....    DARK....   BLACK...   NOTHING...


Yeah, during the night before Hari Raya... we had blackout, we broke fasting that night accompanied by the candle light (candle-light-dinner) LOL. Mum had a hard time that night to prepare for the big day in the dark. I felt so guilty. Since that day, I never asked to bake anymore.. not that I had lost my interest, but I'm just "phobia" perhaps?? (T_T) I was twelve at that time ok. lols..

But look! I wanna share a few pictures with you guys, what I have tried on my own since I flew to United States. Me myself still can't believe the fact that I know how to bake!! and decorate them as they turn out to be so yummy like these: check it out! :)

Yummy 1: Lemon Cheesecake
 Yummy 2: Chicken chop
 Yummy 3: Vanilla Cupcakes

 Yummy 4: Kak Z's birthday cake (chocolate cake)
 Yummy 5: Sumi's (i just add the decoration)
 Yummy 6: Chicken popcorn.
 Yummy 7:  Mix fruit pudding
 Yummy 8: Matt's birthday cake (icecream cake)
 Yummy 9: Truffle Tiramisu

 p/s: I am a baker!!! (wished to have my own bakery shop in future!) XD
hungry peeps?? lols... come to my place and I'm gonna bake you one.


ummuumar said...

hmm, ni rasa2nya cam kena request cake satu ni,.. ice-cream cake ke, kek coklat ke,... hmm, sedap2!
nnti klu dh ada bakery leh lah bagi diskaun eh,.. =)

sri diah said...

hehehe... boley apa salahnya... :)
insya'allah, tp kena dtg sni lg la..
bwk new baby skali..hihi. kak sha punya kasi free jer... XD