Saturday, December 31, 2011

eiman's love truffle

Truffle tiramisu Jiehannur Eiman’s

Packet of Tiramisu crackers/ lady finger
A Canned Peach or any fruits.(diced)
2 tbs of Custard powder.
1 canned of Evaporated milk.
Sugar powder.
Cooking Chocolate. (mildly sweetened)
Whipping cream.
Cream cheese.
 Dessert cups.

For the first bottom layer, place a "lady finger" (break it into three pieces to fit the cup). Then, add a teaspoon of diced peach and a teaspoon of the peach’s juice on top of the tiramisu. To prepare a custard mix, in a pot first mix a tin of evaporated milk and 4 teaspoons of sugar powder.Mix well until the sugar melts,(medium heat) before adding 2 teaspoons of custard powder. Mix well again until the mixture become hard enough to not mix with the second layer later.

For the second layer, i choose the chocolate ganache recipe. First, in a new pot, boil a bottle of whipping cream,make sure to always stir the whipping cream because it is easy to bubbles. Once boiled, remove from the stove and add 1kg of chocolate (cut into smaller pieces to make it easy to melt). After all the chocolate melted, add 2teaspoons of butter and stir well until all of them melts. Pour on the first layer and refrigerate to harden.

For the third layer, prepare the cream cheese layer. Mix 2 bars of cream cheese (soften at room temperature) with a bottle of whipping cream and a cup of sugar (adjust to your preference). Mix well until you get a smooth texture. Add this on the second layer, your style. ( i used piping cream to get some texture).

Then as decoration, you can put a slice of peach on top of the your dessert and sprinkle some chocolate rice. Enjoy your dessert!! It is even nicer if you let it refrigerate for few hours before eating.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Dedicated to my Ex-roomie.

Hi my ex-roomie, u kno who u ar :)

Girl, you are my first roommate :) for the first time I shared a room with an "outsider". At home, I have my own private room since I was a little girl, I'm not used with the fact of "sharing".  I learned to adapt with the new environment, I'm shy..seriously...U know what i'm talking about right? hehehe...
But we become closer (i guess) even not like you and your classmates. So many things happened within one year. Thanks for everything sis.

You left.. cause you finish Intec one year earlier before me. Hey!! God met us here at RIT. (what a coincidence,i follow you till here :P ). However, things differ now, you have your own close friends, you are no longer my roommate or even housemate. Watching you from far, the way you laugh and smile still as sweet as the first time I saw you. I miss you every seconds. But yeah, each and everyone of us has their own life, so do I. I felt so hard to start a conversation with you, it felt like there's a barrier between us... I'm sorry. I tried, but it didn't last long, caused it felt so awkward tough. =_=" idk why~

Dear ex-roomie, i wish i had known you better. I know nothing about your family, caused you refused to share. Things getting colder between us once you left. I wonder if I did something wrong to you, if i did...I'm so..soo..sorry... I never meant to.

In a short time, you will be going home, and yes till now.. there's still barrier between us. But that doesn't meant i don't love you. I care as a friend, I pray for you, I watch you from far. All those memories we shared together will remain forever. I wish you all the best in your future and I pray someday we will have the chance to break that "icy-barrier".

hugs & tears.
selamat jalan..jumpa lg erin.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home aLONE :P

Hi everyone, Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera. :)

It's been a while after my last post. Well ya, I just lost my interest to write when I'm busy working. Let's start with some update after being missing in action for quite a while. So, for now I'm working like a total of 17hours per week, 8hours during the weekend and 9hours during weekdays. Soo tiring, but the good thing is, I have to wake up  early in the morning (before 5 during weekend, before 7 during weekdays) and I have no excuse of skipping my subuh prayer due to overslept or laziness.. which is a good thing!! :) Alhamdulillah.

This Winter quarter, I'm taking two Marketing subject which is so exciting!! (so true :P ). Internet Marketing class require me to bring laptop to each session, it was a 2hours-browsing and discussing class. lol. It was fun tough, since I learned a lot of new stuffs from the class (i now declare myself as internet expert) hahaahaha, u bet!

3weeks after class started! here comes 3 weeks of winter break!! (hoorayyy!!) jumping2 in excitement.

Errrkkk... 3weeks?? What to do? Where to go? arggggg!!!! *stressed* T_T

-First week : Woke up early and went to work. Finished work by mid day, went home slept like a baby! Then,woke up again the same day. OMG! Its 11pm. hahahha.. ikr, very unhealthy life cycle.The same thing went on and on and on for the whole week. Sad things are sad.

-Second week: RIT is closed! Which means no more extra hours working time. That's it! Time to pamper myself and have some lazy time at home with shmoo and nyet2! :D and the list going on and on again from cooking, watching tv, watching movie, eating, sleeping, gossiping, studying, doing chores (my favourite :P ), then I get BORED. T_T

Third week?? Undecided yet. But, as far as I can predict, I'm not going anywhere. Just gonna stay home, watching white snow flakes falling from the sky through my window, writing blog, try to survive from flu..sobs..

To those who are having a fun time traveling all around the globe! Have fun and take care!! *xjeles2 :P* haha..It's okay then, I will make fun of my free time baking and trying some new recipe.(trying to pujuk hati). So far achievement unlocked! Oreo cupcakes done! Fruit tart done! Murtabak done! hehe... 

Oryte people till then, luv ya!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

An iron for a crumple paper?

Some says, "we will meet the wrong person few times, before we meet the one that was destined", for what reasons? well, i saw a lot.. and i agree with the statement.
- From my experience with my ex-bf: very da hot tampered and mulut longkang plus with a 'distance love' and his "players" attitude tu, maka selamat la our relationship berkubur setelah 2tahun. (kot, xhengat dh brp lama..haha).When still with him, i'm like  tempat-lepaskan-tension dia...biasalah tentera, selalu kena torture, working under pressure and cinta jarak jauh pulak tu.. not to say that we don't trust each other, but he didn't even deserved to be trusted. So, i learned from this failure:
@ restu mak ayah tu penting dalam perhubungan.
@ must trust each other and support each other.
@ don't you ever think of betraying ur love if you don't wanna be one.
~bak kata shontelle : falling out of love is hard, falling for betrayal is worst. huhu.

Then, masa tu dah serik nk bercinta lagi dah. Until i meet few people after that, most of them, disqualified.hoho..bukan lebih berhati-hati kiranya sebelum memberi hati. Tak salah rasanya kan? "Someone told me, i should take caution when it comes to love", shontelle. :) But, until when i wanna stay single right? We are getting mature and older through time, and i meet my mr.right. At first, it wasn't that "right" :( if only i could share my feeling at that time.. msa tu kalau ada lagu sedeh pasal cinta cintun ni.. mmg tangkap leleh sorg2..sedeh sgt, xde tempat nk curah msa tu.. Ada afnan, and barry je msa tu.. thanks korang. :)) But, alhamdulillah..everything's fine now.. those tears, the broken heart, all bad things came to end.

Today i saw a post "trust is like a paper, once it's crumpled, it can't be perfect" quoted, elin@rit. Ermmm, i believe, everyone deserves a second chance, we can fix the crumpled paper our own ways, some say "iron jela".hihi. Honey, remember when u sat on your knee, crying and asking for a second chance after u broke my trust? (actually more than second). At that time, im not sure if i'm making a right decision for giving you another chance, which means i put my heart at risk of being hurt again. But today, after what we have been through, i just have one thing to say, I Know It Was Not a Mistake. :)  i'm not 100% sure we were destined together..but i believe..we are.. the end.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Current Updates

Hello world... how's weather treating you these days? Yesterday, during the dusk I got thunderstorm here at my hometown, its raining like cat and dog. (i love watching cat and dog the series too!! lol). It has been a while after my second last entry, sorry...just got internet connection "atas belas ihsan" my fwen Ain Abdullah... thank you so much!!!! for giving me my life back. Almost two weeks without Facebook, youtube, ym, Skype and stuffs. Urghhhhh...going insane,my life went upside down. (@_@)

Just some updates of my current activities. I'm working on my driving license, now waiting for my "L" license. En.Jafri is my trainer a.k.a cikgu memandu, he used to be a soldier. A very punctual person, like the fact so much!! cause you know how much i hate waiting as well as being waited. So, when he said 8am, he means it, 8am exact or earlier he already reached my home to pick me up and drive me to academy.Also a very nice and sporting teacher, very talkative until, sometimes...i got nothing to respond but smiles. hahaha... pity u bad. Can't wait to drive myself anywhere,everywhere!!! yippie. No need to ask me "driver" to bring me to shop anymore.
Last week, I met up with my bestfriends...we are planning for bestie trip to Pulau Perhentian, dis coming july!! can't wait... I am now dealing with my friend who is now doing her LI at Shangri la hotel and also an agent to negotiate the best package for us. May this plan comes true! amin.... :) Its gonna be 3days2nytes package with my-sesuka-hati-aktiviti..hihihi... For sure im gonna rock da island! XD

testing naik pelamin..amik berkah.haha

meet my family!

lata keruak yg damai dan sejuukk..
at pantai penarik..dah itam~ =_="
at pantai bukit kluang :)
at pantai air tawar with bestie <3
P/S: anyone missing me already?? haha... i miss u too... muncit! *gunalah ginger spa from vida beauty, terbukti berkesan!* iklan tak berbayar. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

me gurlfwens

p/s: after two years... so many things had change..but our friendship. love forever!!!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Balik kampung...hati murung?

Esok balik kampung?? kenapa xrsa excited pun?? wuwuwuwuuwuw....
apa-apalah.. kita hanya merancang.. Dia yang menentukan.
I'm sure gonna miss u a lot mister...huuu.... dh xde tempat nk gado, nk majok, nk pukul...May these 3 months strengthen our relationship. Buyatttttt!!! hahaa...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mengintai dari tingkap hati.

Knp ye wahai hati... kekadang rasa mcm the whole world is against us...
kekadang rasa...smua org sayang kita... kdang2 org yg sma jugak...
meabaikan kita yg ada depan mata ni.. knp ye hati, kau sgt terluka bila mereka tidak pernah endah psal kau... bila mereka memandang kau seolah kau berdosa besar dan sangat jijik.bila kau tidak lagi selesa bersma kalian..apakah itu tandanya benci? atau mungkin perasaan yang hambar kerana terlalu lama mengasingkan diri?? setiap yang manis pada aku, ade kepahitan di muka kalian..
setiap yang membahagiakan aku, ada riak tidak senang dari kalian... apa aku yang tersalah menafsir?
knp bila aku rsa ingin menyayangi...kalian terima... kemudian tenggelam.. meninggalkan aku yang bru melonjak gembira punya kalian untuk aku turut serta bertawa ria....mmg xbyak yg kita kongsikan bersama... tp setiap air tanganku... aku bahagia kalian sudi merasa.. even penat menyedia smpailah mengemas kembali... ku pujuk hati oh, ini utk saudara2 ku jua... harus ikhlas wahai hati...jgn merajuk sgt... harus belajar berkorban dan tp... kalian tidak membantu aku... tidak membina persekitaran yang mengalukan utk aku turut serta..setiap kali aku menerjah msuk, aku dpt merasa ada benteng antara kita.. seakan arus elektrik yang menolak aku jauh dari kalangan kalian... apa kamu diluar sana pernah merasa diri dibenci smua org?? apa kamu pernah merasa kesunyian even hakikatnya dunia mu sangat riuh rendah.. ketahuilah,...kita SAMA..

Princess diaries :)

women in black dress

men in black suit

game with afnan

kak diya, kak zie, and me

him, me and asip

me and ecah kentang yang chumel

afnan, kak zie and asip senior


my love

me with barry

me and meor "kiasu king"

me with manche' (prom king)

princess at 12 midnight

my prince charming..

Some pictures from graduation night 2011.. Happy graduating seniors!! Good luck in ur future :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Twisted leg

Oh. gara-gara Spring Fest kt RIT.... gara-gara Ironman tu!!
NOW...I'M officially JEE WILCHA!! HAHAHA...

guys, pray for my health..tq... (T_T)
it hurts tough...seyesly... it does..
thanks to all who did help me... especially, "u-kno-who-u-are"

pic x related pun..sobs.. cute la dia!
muachhh!! much love...semoga sakit itu penghapus dosa2 kecil..amin..

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just for Fun

Recently, i have tried new recipes on the internet. Actually there are many of them that i would like to give a try, but sometimes i can't get some of  the main ingredients like for example, vanilla extract (halal one hard to find), pandan leaves (need to go buy at Asian market), specific flour,  etc..etc..  But, one thing that i always proud of myself is, i sometimes alter the ingredients given in the recipe, like "campak2" je.. and it turned out awesome! hehe... (masuk bakul angkat sendiri). Well, lets see what i got here:

(1) Truffle tiramisu. (layers of : tiramisu, custard, jelly with mix fruits)
Jiehannur eiman's
 This are the ingredients that we need: 
  • 2tbs. of nescafe
  • 500ml fresh milk
  • 2tbs of condensed milk
  • tiramisu (lady fingers crackers)
  • 1packet of jelly powder
  • 4tbs of custard powder
  • few drops of vanilla essence.
  • sugar
  • fresh fruits (diced)

So how to do this?
  1. Prepare a glass of nescafe (mix nescafe with condensed milk in a glass of water).
  2. Dip the lady fingers in the nescafe mix (no.1) -make it fast! don't dip it too long because it will melts the lady fingers.
  3. Arrange the lady fingers closely in a container (as in the picture).
  4. For the second layer, cook (medium heat)  500ml fresh milk with 4tbs of custard powder, few drops of essence vanilla and sugar (depends on your level of sweetness)haha. Mix well until it is half solidified and pour on top of the first layer.
  5. For the third layer, boil some water before adding the jelly powder, mix with sugar (quantity depends). Always mix the jelly mixture until all the sugar melts.
  6. When it is ready, (the custard fully solidified) , pour the jelly on top of it and spread with some fresh fruits, you can use, peach, grapes, diced apple, or even canned fruits.
  7. Happy cooking! :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I wanted to have all these~ before i went back home. :) awhh..i'm dying for these..

Black Wedges

ipod touch 4th generation!! :)

Black denim skirt that i've been looking for ages.. >_<"

Blue denim skirt . a must!

Stripes of sweetness..awww..

Another coach perhaps? hehehe
Fossil dress watch *pengganti*

Thursday, April 21, 2011

A walk to remember

Salam... =D
How productive is your day?? *tetibe* hihihi
Last weekend there was Malaysian Night presented by Malaysian students at RIT. I'm not gonna talk much about it, but well i'm one of the person incharge in cooking. :) (not so talented in dancing and acting).

Let's cut to the chase, Ilyani stay overnight at my place. (my ex-housemate at Intec, Akasia). It has been two years after i say goodbye to her at KLIA when she wanted to fly to Pennstate Uni. Oh, i cant believe we meet in Rochester!! =D

Guess what we did?? Pillow talk until 3am in the morning..hohohoho (gossiping) Then, i cook lunch for her, cam whore-ing like crazy before i went to a meeting with JPA officers and say goodbye..huhuhu.. Time flies so fast... till we meet again dear.. >_<"

And before she went back home.. she left me with this cute little thing!! awww..thanks a bunch dear.
Gadis purple bersama buah

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take time....

Crying doesn't mean you are weak.

Reading is a bridge to success.

Sometimes we should listen rather than just speak.

Life is short, make it worth!

Think twice before you speak.

Live your life as a dream come true.

Never too old to play.
I love you all <3 Jiehannur eiman wif lurve.xoxoxo