Monday, April 25, 2011

Just for Fun

Recently, i have tried new recipes on the internet. Actually there are many of them that i would like to give a try, but sometimes i can't get some of  the main ingredients like for example, vanilla extract (halal one hard to find), pandan leaves (need to go buy at Asian market), specific flour,  etc..etc..  But, one thing that i always proud of myself is, i sometimes alter the ingredients given in the recipe, like "campak2" je.. and it turned out awesome! hehe... (masuk bakul angkat sendiri). Well, lets see what i got here:

(1) Truffle tiramisu. (layers of : tiramisu, custard, jelly with mix fruits)
Jiehannur eiman's
 This are the ingredients that we need: 
  • 2tbs. of nescafe
  • 500ml fresh milk
  • 2tbs of condensed milk
  • tiramisu (lady fingers crackers)
  • 1packet of jelly powder
  • 4tbs of custard powder
  • few drops of vanilla essence.
  • sugar
  • fresh fruits (diced)

So how to do this?
  1. Prepare a glass of nescafe (mix nescafe with condensed milk in a glass of water).
  2. Dip the lady fingers in the nescafe mix (no.1) -make it fast! don't dip it too long because it will melts the lady fingers.
  3. Arrange the lady fingers closely in a container (as in the picture).
  4. For the second layer, cook (medium heat)  500ml fresh milk with 4tbs of custard powder, few drops of essence vanilla and sugar (depends on your level of sweetness)haha. Mix well until it is half solidified and pour on top of the first layer.
  5. For the third layer, boil some water before adding the jelly powder, mix with sugar (quantity depends). Always mix the jelly mixture until all the sugar melts.
  6. When it is ready, (the custard fully solidified) , pour the jelly on top of it and spread with some fresh fruits, you can use, peach, grapes, diced apple, or even canned fruits.
  7. Happy cooking! :)

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