Thursday, April 21, 2011

A walk to remember

Salam... =D
How productive is your day?? *tetibe* hihihi
Last weekend there was Malaysian Night presented by Malaysian students at RIT. I'm not gonna talk much about it, but well i'm one of the person incharge in cooking. :) (not so talented in dancing and acting).

Let's cut to the chase, Ilyani stay overnight at my place. (my ex-housemate at Intec, Akasia). It has been two years after i say goodbye to her at KLIA when she wanted to fly to Pennstate Uni. Oh, i cant believe we meet in Rochester!! =D

Guess what we did?? Pillow talk until 3am in the morning..hohohoho (gossiping) Then, i cook lunch for her, cam whore-ing like crazy before i went to a meeting with JPA officers and say goodbye..huhuhu.. Time flies so fast... till we meet again dear.. >_<"

And before she went back home.. she left me with this cute little thing!! awww..thanks a bunch dear.
Gadis purple bersama buah

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