Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swollen lips?? oh! NO!

Swollen lips can be so painful and may also lower your self-esteem.
The cause of swollen lips could be because of:
-insect bites.
-cracked lips (frost bite)
-you accidentally  bite your lips. (upper or lower lips)
-something hits your lips.

I'm having swollen lips right now, I try to google a few tips that can help to reduce the swollen and inflammatory. Here's what I found, Iwould like to share with you peeps, perhaps one day it would be beneficial. :)
  1. Wrap an ice cube in a towel and press it against your lips. This will reduce the burning sensation and will bring back the normal state of your lips.
  2. Place a spoon inside the freezer and when it is cold enough, press it against your lips.
  3. Dip a tea bag in warm water. After a minute get the tea bag and allow it to cool down a bit and place it on your lips to reduce the swelling.
  4. Wet your finger and dip it on a table salt then place your finger against your itchy swollen lips for a couple of minutes.
  5. Dip your lips in a bowl of warm water or you can dip a clean towel in a hot water and place it on your lips to reduce the swelling
  6. Take some cold yoghurt as it is known to effectively cool down inflammation or a swollen lower lip or a swollen upper lip.
  7. Avoid drinking hot beverages since they enhance rushing of blood to the affected area thus worsening the swelling and soreness.
  8. Get a piece of cotton and a teaspoon of honey. Dip the cotton on honey and apply it directly to your swollen lip. Honey is now for its healing and anti bacterial properties along with the numerous health benefits it can offer.
  9. Virgin coconut oil is another effective swollen lip treatment.  Apply the coconut oil as you would with honey. However, once you have applied a layer of pure coconut oil on your lip, you should stay indoors because you will run the risk of burning your lips further once your swollen lips with coconut oil is exposed to direct sunlight.
  10. You can also cleanse and reduce the inflammation of your lips by washing your dry and cracked lips with water and chamomile solution.
  11. If you have cuts, blisters and openings on your lips out of dryness and chapping, avoid touching them with your hands to avoid infection that could harm your lips further.
  12. Aloe vera is also proven effective in cooling down inflammation. You can apply aloe vera gel on your lips or you can directly apply a leaf of sliced aloe vera on your chapped lips.
  13. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to moisturize your body and prevent the dryness of specific areas such as your lips.
P/S: Best of Luck!! I feel so sexy!! ...swollen lips like Angelina Jolie u'ollsss.. LMAO


Anonymous said...

Assalamualaikum...thanz 4 ur info...nice info to shared..

sri diah said...

waalaikumsalam.... ur welcome...
:) hope it helps here n there.

Quiyada Wilkerson-Bethea said...

I know this post is two years old but I needed this today. Thank you sooo much!

smita sharma said...

I want to go for a lip enhancement , not Lip reduction for reduction. I have small lips and I want to have them a little bit bigger, but to look natural, not fake how I saw at many persons, because I don't like it like that! :D I can't wait! :D