Saturday, September 14, 2013

A word of Gratitude

All Praise to Allah... All Praise to Allah.... :')

I have been praying so hard.. Asking with tears in my Sujod..

Praying when its raining heavily... Praying and praying and keep praying..

For Him to show me and leads me the ways to my dream.

One day I reflected on myself.

Why it was so hard for me to reach them..

I realized, there were a lot more to improve..

Relationship with Allah... with family... with friends.. with people..

And life is not just about ME and ME.

So.. I started to..

Pray for my parent's prayers to come true.

For my siblings to be safe and secure and obey Him.

Learn to Give without the knowledge of others.

Learn to Love people as if they were brothers and sisters.

Learn to Forgive and Say Sorry

Smiles for a good cause and Sadaqa

Subhanallah.. and Allah has started to answer my prayers.

Little by little... Just enough for me to see.

I wouldn't ask for more.. Surely He knows better

One who created me surely knows what best for me to His knowledge.

Thank You Allah.. Thank You for such a Blessing in Disguise .

I have been waiting years to feel these... soo long.

Alhamdulillah... Alhamdulillah...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Antara Budi dan Diri

Kalau kita tak mampu menyenangkan orang, janganlah sampai menyusahkan pulak kan. Memanglah, tangan yg memberi itu lebih baik dari tangan yang meminta/menerima. Tapi kekadang, terlalu lembut hati pun susah juga, orang sebegini senang di pergunakan orang bila dirinya mudah termakan pujuk. Manusia memang suka menjaga kepentingan diri sendiri, dan memang lumrah manusia pun begitu. Tapi, manusia pun harus ada "senses". Maksudnya, prihatin/ "alert" akan situati dan keadaan orang lain. Janganlah kita sampai menjerat leher orang lain dalam sedar mahupun tidak. 

Betullah kata orang, payah kalau dah termakan budi ni, perasaan terhutang tu selalu menghantui. Hutang budi tak semestinya di bayar dengan duit, boleh juga di balas dengan kudrat, kata-kata yang bernilai, kasih-sayang, air tangan dan sebagainya setakat yang termampu. Duit boleh di cari, kasih sayang tak boleh di jual beli. Kerana duit, sahabat saling melupakan, saling menghianati, saling menindas, saling membunuh. Nauzubillah. Jangan kita memhambakan diri pada duit yang sememangnya indah dimiliki. Cukup sekadar keperluan, banyakkan sedekah untuk menyucikan harta kita, mungkin sebahagian dari hasil pendapatan kita ada "hak" orang lain yang lebih memerlukan. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Graduation Night

Graduation Night '12

The ladies from Class of 2012
With my junior Edz
 Hana, Wahie and Sab
Syamer and Dato' :P

Happy Graduates! Alhamdulillah, after 5 years of struggle, every single efforts and hardship was paid. May future bring more success and happiness to all of us. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Shared birth month

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thanks for the flowers.. 

his birthday :)

homemade dinner

Saturday, March 10, 2012

When the sunshine strike da mood :D

p/s: dis is how u mix and match when u have limited clothes during vacation..tehee...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Don't read if you are hungry!

Salam & Hello,

So last week was my last FreezeFest. No more FreezeFest for me but I did enjoyed it to the fullest. Got a lot of free stuffs which really makes my day. Who on earth will refuse FREE things right? I was patiently waited in a long line just to have the FREE snow globe, ice-crystal, photos and etc.
pavlova mashi

Oh yeah, I did entered a Dessert bake-off competition. I tried to make Pavlova for the third time before entering the competition. Was quite confident with myself but I guess other's deserved better to win. Whatever it is, I'm satisfied at least I tried! it was my first dessert competition after all. Thank you so much to my support system. Each and everyone of you who came that night were very appreciated.

I guess my frustration was healed with the fact that Mysa won the Global Unification for the third time. Congratz to all!! :D almost lost my voice that night caused I shouted like crazy. You sure can't control yourself when other people were shouting to the max to support their team! MYSA!! MYSA!!  :0

Oh, I was bored.. regardless of those assignments and report, I choose to bake! hahahaa.. Yeah, so random. yet that is what I always do.. baking and cooking when I am so busy, stressed out and bored. Its my therapy plus shopping as well! hehe.. Tonight I baked moist chocolate cake for the first time from scratch. Just try my luck and it works..Alhamdulillah... :) Achievement unlocked!
my 1st moist choc cake! :)

See ya! till next post. Take care. Salam

Friday, January 13, 2012

When it speaks

I, is always jealous of those whose gonna end their single life soon.. 
Oh time..move faster plis.
from: my heart.

I wish i can wear something like this later..or soon...(but with a complete tudung)
(Pengaruh citer "Say Yes to the Dress")