Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Behind the 4 Seasons

Believe it or not... songs can speak =_=" yes...not song...but songs... if you are creative enough you might be able to create a story behind those songs. Me? Ermm.. well i love song so much and i prefer to sing along especially those song that catchy. If here in US, we got for seasons... Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall. Therefore,for each season that i celebrate...i make it more memorable by making at least one special song...which is so close to my heart and speaks for me. Throughout 2010 until early 2011, there are a lot of things happened.. bitter and sweet, tears and smiles , love and hate, ups and down, fail and success , give and get....

Unforgettable...yet..taught a lot... A LOTTT.... :)

sO, here I would like to share with you peeps songs that i enjoyed the most last year up until early of this year, may you peeps be able to hear the songs speak..if you know me very well..u will..

and you know who you are.. aren't u?? XD

p/s: enjoy da songs guys "less than 3"

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