Friday, December 30, 2011

Dedicated to my Ex-roomie.

Hi my ex-roomie, u kno who u ar :)

Girl, you are my first roommate :) for the first time I shared a room with an "outsider". At home, I have my own private room since I was a little girl, I'm not used with the fact of "sharing".  I learned to adapt with the new environment, I'm shy..seriously...U know what i'm talking about right? hehehe...
But we become closer (i guess) even not like you and your classmates. So many things happened within one year. Thanks for everything sis.

You left.. cause you finish Intec one year earlier before me. Hey!! God met us here at RIT. (what a coincidence,i follow you till here :P ). However, things differ now, you have your own close friends, you are no longer my roommate or even housemate. Watching you from far, the way you laugh and smile still as sweet as the first time I saw you. I miss you every seconds. But yeah, each and everyone of us has their own life, so do I. I felt so hard to start a conversation with you, it felt like there's a barrier between us... I'm sorry. I tried, but it didn't last long, caused it felt so awkward tough. =_=" idk why~

Dear ex-roomie, i wish i had known you better. I know nothing about your family, caused you refused to share. Things getting colder between us once you left. I wonder if I did something wrong to you, if i did...I'm so..soo..sorry... I never meant to.

In a short time, you will be going home, and yes till now.. there's still barrier between us. But that doesn't meant i don't love you. I care as a friend, I pray for you, I watch you from far. All those memories we shared together will remain forever. I wish you all the best in your future and I pray someday we will have the chance to break that "icy-barrier".

hugs & tears.
selamat jalan..jumpa lg erin.

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