Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Home aLONE :P

Hi everyone, Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera. :)

It's been a while after my last post. Well ya, I just lost my interest to write when I'm busy working. Let's start with some update after being missing in action for quite a while. So, for now I'm working like a total of 17hours per week, 8hours during the weekend and 9hours during weekdays. Soo tiring, but the good thing is, I have to wake up  early in the morning (before 5 during weekend, before 7 during weekdays) and I have no excuse of skipping my subuh prayer due to overslept or laziness.. which is a good thing!! :) Alhamdulillah.

This Winter quarter, I'm taking two Marketing subject which is so exciting!! (so true :P ). Internet Marketing class require me to bring laptop to each session, it was a 2hours-browsing and discussing class. lol. It was fun tough, since I learned a lot of new stuffs from the class (i now declare myself as internet expert) hahaahaha, u bet!

3weeks after class started! here comes 3 weeks of winter break!! (hoorayyy!!) jumping2 in excitement.

Errrkkk... 3weeks?? What to do? Where to go? arggggg!!!! *stressed* T_T

-First week : Woke up early and went to work. Finished work by mid day, went home slept like a baby! Then,woke up again the same day. OMG! Its 11pm. hahahha.. ikr, very unhealthy life cycle.The same thing went on and on and on for the whole week. Sad things are sad.

-Second week: RIT is closed! Which means no more extra hours working time. That's it! Time to pamper myself and have some lazy time at home with shmoo and nyet2! :D and the list going on and on again from cooking, watching tv, watching movie, eating, sleeping, gossiping, studying, doing chores (my favourite :P ), then I get BORED. T_T

Third week?? Undecided yet. But, as far as I can predict, I'm not going anywhere. Just gonna stay home, watching white snow flakes falling from the sky through my window, writing blog, try to survive from flu..sobs..

To those who are having a fun time traveling all around the globe! Have fun and take care!! *xjeles2 :P* haha..It's okay then, I will make fun of my free time baking and trying some new recipe.(trying to pujuk hati). So far achievement unlocked! Oreo cupcakes done! Fruit tart done! Murtabak done! hehe... 

Oryte people till then, luv ya!

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