Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make it real.

I'm about studying for my Infectious Disease exam tomorrow. Suddenly, it crossed my mind... there are so many infectious diseases that i just heard about, most of them are caused by bacteria or even viruses. Hemmmm.... with different types of transmission and percentages of fatality.. scary enough for me..

Yeah, i know... death is mandatory...and diseases are just some leading reasons. But, perhaps, we could do something to prevent them right? Well basically....
  1. Hygiene first.
  2. Eat healthy food.
  3. Exercise frequently.
  4. Safe sex. -in other word , be loyal :)
  5. Knowledge : learn about the diseases.
  6. PREVENTION is always Better than CURE!
p/s: I pray that someday there will be cures or vaccine for all the diseases... perhaps one day, i would be able to at least contribute something to make it possible. God bless us..amin. :)

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