Monday, March 14, 2011

10 minus 1

As-salam (big smile)..
Basically, first week of spring quarter went well i guess. Time flies so fast that i felt like 1st day of  class just started yesterday... But, the fact is, it is monday night in second week of Spring quarter.

Snow just disappeared.. again... after a rainy day... then , come snowy night again... then shower...then snow... me myself don't know weather today, is the end of winter season or not.. we will see how it works.. sunnatullah, kunfayakun... if Allah said so, then it happens. :)

Spring is here!!
I'm officially taking 16 credit hours this quarter, which is my first time taking more than 12 hours. Hopefully, i'm strong enough to finish it. So, i just want to update what i have done the whole first week of SPRING quarter 2011.

1st lab, doing experiment lymphocyte and myeloma cells. This is such an interesting lab, i learn how to "sacrifice" a mice in order to get its spleen. A little bit nervous at the beginning and i pity the mice also (T_T), but as i saw other people in the class were very brave and cool-cool je... hehehe.. i'm just pretend that i'm cool too! (baca bismillah nk bunuh tikus tuu )
and i did! weeee....

For this course i need to come to class at 10am and listen to his two hours lecture, its interesting but..sometimes i can't help from giving up writing notes when my fingers are tired. huhuhu..
love in plants!!! <3
p/s: Dr.Savka?? just love the way he taught, no pressure at all..come to class with big heart and smiles every Monday and Wednesday.

This is my first session taking course with Dr.Hudson, so far so good that i can understand what he tried to convey, but he spoke a little bit slow (tone). So, i would always sit at the front so that i can hear him most of the time. I found materials in his lectures kind of adaptation from subject biochemistry  that i took last winter and Thank GOD that all the knowledge helps me a lot to better understand this course. He assigns us to read one research paper every week before we discuss in class, personally i think its a good way to learn about current development in this field. :)

Again with Dr. Savka, but we only met in lab, basically this course will be divided into two sections. 1st section will be conducted by Dr. Savka and another one by Dr.Hudson. In the first part, i'm gonna learn about acyl-homoserine lactone which i already learned in plant biotechnology and microb-host interaction. More or less, it helps me to understand the process more than just a theory! which is good after all. I started to love being working in lab lately..aha.. :P

Hmmmmm...... sigh... well... genetics..not the most prefered subject after all.. but still taking this for certain reason. hehehe.. First week of class, got disease journal and online quiz to be submitted by friday midnight. First day of class got pop-quiz.lols. (blurr and kinda circle2 the answer). Got i-clicker also, which i screwed some of the questions and there was one day when my i-clicker was out of battery.. huhuhu...what a waste! ryte?? (emo the whole day) =_="

p/s: Whatever it takes in the future, i promise to myself i will finish what i just started. I will never ever gave up hope. Even if, there is no one beside to help or support me. Cause, God is enough.. more than enough actually. And last wekend, i joined the "Program untuk penggerak". Alhamdulillah, i learned a lot... :)

sorry for such a wordy post... zaaasssss... its March 14th u'oll... 7days to go!!! countdown~ :))))
9 weeks left to go!!

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