Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wassup wif spring break??

1) Well, im going back to Jerteh-tanah-tumpah-darahku this coming May!! to be exact 22nd May... little bit excited, for the wedding especially, for the date with abg shah-long-time-no-see, for the fact that kena jumpa future mertua..kakakka...nebes ok. =_="

2) I felt so released.. settled with the tickets stuff, and now officially "pokai".

Total tiket Delta airlines from -roc to jfk- is $ 159 + insurance $19 = $ 178.
Total tiket Cathay Pacific Airlines from -jfk to klia- = $1417.00.
Total tiket Mas airlines from KLIA to K.BHARU = RM 393 = $ 120++.

TOTAL = $1700++. (T_T)

3) Two days ago, Kak Jihan and Kak Ida's families went back for good. Me, Matt, Wahie and Nadiah went to the airport to say good bye for the last time.. Till we meet again lovelies. Gonna miss you all.. Warm hugs from sisters, thanks for the advice and everything. Have a safe journey Aliya, Ikhwan, Irshad, Irfan, Ikmal, Awish...=_="

4) Another random trip, went to Waterloo Premium Outlet!! since i'm officially "bankrupt" so i just bought a pair of shoes that i really need ryte now. Its purple and white and its skechers! XD
$ 32.00 only!! worth it :)
5) March 2nd, Its mimi's birthday :) regardless of the not-working-plan by the juniors.. We still rock the Ontario Beach Park! (no pic taken, sejuk giler nk mati..wuwuwuw). They survived the strong wind at the beach and  camwhoring for about 20minutes before end up having botox (muka tegang-sejuk-beku) .Before that, went to Nani's house for eating-and -celebrating-mimi's. Here is the pic of the besday gurl!!

6) Back from Ontario Lake, stop at Islamic Center of Rochester (for the 1st time since i was here).
 Came across ed an advertisement of  women halaqa' which will be held every friday on last week of each month from 6.30 -8.30. They will be having women halaqa', reciting quran and gathering.

7) Then, we decided to go for some bowling kicking!!! haha... but what a disappointment when all the lanes were booked for a tournament. The good news is, if we come again tonight at 11pm each of us will get one free game! ermmm..but... idk, maybe..or maybe not... coz.. im tired..

8) *penulis terlelap...zzzzzzzzzzz*

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