Friday, March 25, 2011

Fire vs Wind

Deary Hearty..

Jiehannur Eiman,

is proud of you.
of your patience.
of your kindness.
is melting of....
your soft spoken.
is admiring your calmness.
as you always claim your coolness.
there's no way i could deny.
is this the reason why we were still together?
cause there's always  fire in me..
and your coolness never failed to chill me..
is this why we were meant to be?
cause you always try so hard to bring smiles in me...
with your less-funny-more-annoying-jokes...
well, it works most of the times though..
thanks for bear with my roughness.
with my harsh words 
when i'm overwhelmed with craziness.
holding on tight when i started to giving up.
saving our relationship as hard as you could.
bear with my every-minutes-mood-swings.
will always melts with your cooking...
to ask for forgiveness from your sulking gurl...
will always shed tears...
with those soft voice...calling my name...
and says "i'm wont happened again"

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