Monday, January 2, 2012

How to start loving...

Hating someone??
Always feel annoyed when you see his/her face?
Feel like running away from all of them??
Never wanted to live a life with them around?

Dear dirty heart....
  • Try to remember his/her good deeds towards you.
  • Think of his/her face with a sweet smile on it.
  • Remember of the fun time you spend with him/her.
  • Think of the reason why you both become friends at the first place.
  • Look at the positive side of him/her and all the advantages that they have. 
  • Remember the moments when he/she greets you warmly.
  • Think of the memories when you shared your laugh and tears with them.

Insya'Allah... all those negative thinking will slowly faded away..
keep trying, i know it's not easy.. yet it's not impossible.
(a message for self)
Learn to love, then you will be loved.
Friendship last forever till Jannah.

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