Saturday, January 7, 2012

Surrounded by love

January 7th 2012:

Dear Diary,

I felt so much love today from people around me. From the one i know the most until the one i know the least, each every one of them make me feel alive. After three weeks living in my own private world. This is the first time I met a lot of people at the same time, having good conversation, catching up with friends plus, make new friend. (a bonus).

The noise, the chattering voice, the smiles, the laugh, the marvelous foods, the characters. All negative thoughts seems vanish away, the moments all the good feeling mix together. awwhh.. i may sound exaggerated, but that is what i felt inside me. Thank you everyone, you made my day more than you ever knew.

Taking some space here to show some appreciation to those with beautiful heart, your gifts are sincerely appreciated. Million thanks to Fadh (for the yellow Vegas t-shirt), to anakanda Waheeda (for the-cute-snow globe), to erin (for the makan2) see you next time erin. much love!!!

p/s: Achievement unlocked: successfully make kuih ketayap for the first time :D
baju baru dr Forever21 dh smpai! yeay..hihihi.. (iklan)

peace y'all!

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Sonia said...

It feels extraordinary good being surrounded by great souls right :) Experiencing it in my life at the moment.Feel bad that My inflamed throat never led me taste your kuih ketayap kak ji. but that's fine coz I already tasted almost all your scrumptious cooking in these few months time. what more could I ask for? :) Gonna miss you heaps :)